Design Packages



Design consultations are charged on an as-needed basis and is billed at $85 per hour. This package is ideal for clients who have a current design plan but may need some reassurance in their selections, alternative options and/or ideas to ensure they are heading in the right direction.


Design package per room and charged at $425 with each additional hour charged at $85 per hour. This option includes a total of 6 design hours spent on 2 of the following design services:

1)  Color Palette

2)  Furniture Selection and Placement

3)  Design and Selection of Window Treatment/s

4)  Shopping (Furniture, Accessories, Art, etc.)

5)  Accessorizing Your Space Using New or Current Furnishings

6)  Fabric and Wallpaper Selections

This Package is ideal for clients who have smaller projects and a good eye for design. They enjoy

the process of shopping and decorating but needs assistance in an overall design plan. They prefer to tackle some decisions on their own.


This design package is perfect for the client who is looking for just some “freshening up” of their current furnishings. The may typically involve custom window treatments, light upholstery and accessorizing throughout one space or several spaces. The design fee starts at $425 and is based on the amount of rooms to be updated. In addition to the flat design fee there is a minimal mark-up of 20% on all goods purchased.

1. Shopping (Furniture, Accessories, Art, etc.)

2. Upholstery/Re-upholstery

3. Custom Window Treatments

4. Curation Of New And Current Furnishings


Flat fee based on the scope of the project and will vary depending on individual situations and includes:

1) Color Palette

2) Fabric and Wallpaper Selection (when needed)

3) Tile and Stone Selections (when needed)

4) Furniture Selection and Placement

5) Accessory Selection

6) Curation of All Components*

7) Home Visits

8) Completed Design and Photo

This plan is ideal for clients who have minimal time and resources to design their space and need complete and total design direction.  This client will be presented with an overall design plan that includes all materials, samples and photos initially and 2 re-selection options for each. All items will be purchased by the client but curated by the designer*.


*Installation of Electric, Mechanical and all Wall Hangings are the client’s responsibility and will be charged based on the installers cost.